5 Ways Used Fryer Oil Can Be Recycled And Reused

In the past, fast food joints and other restaurants using fryer oil for cooking had to pay to have their old oil picked up as a waste product. Today, used fryer oil is an in-demand commodity that people and companies are recycling into valuable and useful products. Used fryer oil is so valuable that it is the target of thieves who steal it to sell for their own profit. Here are five ways used fryer oil is being used and recycled, giving it new value and worth.

Donations To Public Schools

A locally owned Massachusetts oil recycling company has been teaming up with nearby restaurants to pick up their old used fry oil for free. The recycling company then figures out how much they would have spent on the oil and donates the money from their proceeds to Westfield public school system. 

The owner of this recycling company likes to help out neighboring businesses and his own community. He promotes each business on his company's Facebook page when they donate their used oil to him.

Make Biodiesel Fuel

Companies and individuals across the county buy used vegetable fryer oil and convert it to a biodiesel fuel they can use to power their converted biodiesel vehicles. The companies and individuals pay around 40 cents per pound for the fryer oil they get from local restaurants.

Those that convert fryer oil into biodiesel fuel prefer to use vegetable oil as it is easier to process during the fuel conversion process. This makes it possible for individuals to convert the used fryer oil into biodiesel fuel right in their own home or garage. Besides used fryer oil, biodiesel fuel makers mix in lye and methanol as ingredients to make the fuel. You don't need to have a laboratory to make biodiesel, just proper protective clothing and ventilation of the fumes from the room. 

The biodiesel fuel product is better for the environment than gasoline. It produces only a fraction of the particulate matter that gasoline combustion creates, which causes smog and lung problems.

Recycle Back Into Pure Vegetable Oil

Another way that companies recycle used fry oil is by cleaning out its impurities and recycling it back into pure vegetable oil to be used in restaurants again. Once the used fry oil is collected, the recycling company allows any sediments to settle. Then pure oil is extracted from the used oil to be cleaned and resold. 

Industrial Lubricants

Used fryer oils are used to lubricate industrial types of machinery. Vegetable oils are a preferred type of oil used to lubricate moving machinery parts and transfer the heat away from the machinery. Vegetable oil recycled lubricants help reduce the friction when machinery is in operation, which helps keep the wear of the machinery at a minimum to last longer. 

Recycled vegetable oil works so well for industrial machinery, you can use canola oil to keep your home office's paper shredder oiled and working well.

Livestock Feed

Some companies buy used cooking oil from restaurants and mix it with other organic materials and products to make feed for animals and livestock. Most of the livestock feed that is produced from used vegetable oil is exported to Mexico and Venezuela where it is fed to livestock. 

A recent study was conducted at the Lethbridge Research Center which found it is beneficial for livestock to eat feed that contains vegetable oil. The vegetable oil has high contents of linoleic acid, which gets converted to Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in the animals' muscles. This makes the animal meat healthier and lower in unhealthy fatty acids.

Used fryer oil can be useful in these five ways when it is recycled by individuals and companies. For more information about recycling used Frymaster parts and oil, contact your supplier.