Starting Up A Small Restaurant? You’ll Need These Food Service Management Tips

When you're about to open the small restaurant you've been working so hard for, it's easy for excitement to take over. However, it's not enough to have fantastic meals and attract customers to eat them; you'll need some food service management skills in order to manage your restaurant costs effectively. With the management tips below, you can avoid too much waste and ensure that your restaurant does well.

Keep Menus Simple

You might be proud to offer a wide range of dishes in your restaurant, but in order to provide all those dishes you'll need to buy enough of a variety of different foods and keep them on hand to fulfill orders. This can become untenable financially, as some dishes may simply not be as popular and the food you have on hand spoils or goes unused.

For that reason, you may want to consider starting out with a small menu with only a few choices. Not only will that cut down on your food costs from week to week, it'll cut down on waste. Your kitchen staff might also be happier with a smaller menu, as it will allow them to practice and deliver great dishes and every meal is made well.

Watch Portion Sizes

Large portions may be something that restaurant patrons love to see, but the costs of that food can add up and eat into your profits. While it's of course important that your customers are getting a good meal at a reasonable cost, you may not have to provide overly large portions and can cut back somewhat without upsetting your patrons.

To ensure you're delivering adequate portion sizes to your customers, start paying attention to the plates as they come back into the kitchen. Is there a lot of food left? Are people leaving with boxes and boxes of "doggie bags"? If so, you may be able to cut down on the size of the portions you serve. Serving portions that aren't too big allows people to feel full and happy with their meal and might allow you to save on food costs. In addition, if customers are satisfied with what they've eaten but don't have plenty left over, they're likely to return sooner for another great meal.

The management tips here should help you keep costs under control and allow your restaurant to thrive. For more assistance, contact professional food management services companies in the area. Click here for more information.